Want to submit your music for airplay on opbmusic? Here's how.

Send your music digitally

Our airplay library is digital (both from files sent to us and CDs we digitize to play), so this is the most efficient way for us to receive your music. We recommend sending an email to us at this address: submissions[at]opb[dot]org. Tell us who you are (briefly), what the song is, and where we can see you play live.

If you can send a wav file, our native format is 48k, 16-bit PCM.

If you send an mp3, please send 192k files or larger. We'll ask you for a wav file later if we're airing your song.

If you want to send multiple songs/files, dropbox or any other file transfer links are fine.

Please understand that our staff receive a large volume of submissions, so we aren’t always able to answer every email. But we will listen to your song.

Send by mail

You can send your CD to us at:

Oregon Public Broadcasting
7140 SW Macadam Ave
Portland, OR 97219

Please include a short bio about your band, or a way to find out more about you. Expensive packaging, glossy photos and press bios are unnecessary. We prefer a short bio that tells us who you are, a track listing, and most importantly, if you have a song that represents you the best (aka the “single”), point us to that. (If you have swears on the record, let us know that too.)