Each year, the PDX Pop Now! Compilation culls new music from the vibrant Portland music scene. And each year, this venerable institution includes at least one big surprise: a reunion, a long-awaited debut, or a final release. This time around, the big reveal was a new song called “Boiling The Ocean” by local favorites The Minders. That may sound unremarkable to the untrained ear, but to many Portlanders this development was something akin to a Sasquatch sighting.


Except for an album consisting of unreleased material and B-sides (2012's Cul-de-Sacs and Dead Ends Vol 2), the band hasn't released a proper full-length studio album in almost a decade. This recording hiatus has whet the appetite of longtime fans, while simultaneously shrouding the band in a cloak of cult favorite mysteriousness. So, when it was also revealed that a new album was due out in the Fall, expectations were high.

That new record, Into The River, doesn't disappoint. Founder and frontman Martyn Leaper has crafted an 11 song masterpiece. Borrowing from the band's increasingly expansive sound, the album is both raw and refined, peppered with jagged garage rock songs, campfire singalongs, and oblique pop tunes.

Leaper and fellow band members Jeff Lehman, Alex Arrowsmith, Karen Page, Joe Kincher, Paul Brainard, and Scott Van Schoick joined us in the OPB studios and performed old songs and some from Into The River.

Into The River was released on September 9th on Space Cassette Records. The Minders are playing a dual album release show along with The Minus 5 in Portland at The Secret Society on October 7th.