The way Willy Vlautin tells it, The Delines were borne out of a little friendly deception. Vlautin and singer Amy Boone (of Austin, TX band The Damnations) began talking when Boone toured with Vlautin’s band Richmond Fontaine. Boone jokingly asked Vlautin to write some songs for her. For the next year, that’s just what he secret. “I had it all planned out without even asking her.” Vlautin says. Driven by Boone’s voice - sweet and tender one moment, brassy and world-weary the next - The Delines play the kind of careworn country that feels at home in a dive bar just before closing time. It’s the same ground that Richmond Fontaine has tread so well over the years, with the added twist of retro soul and blues. They played Stagepass on February 6th, with a mix of old and new material. Most notable among the unreleased songs was the heart-aching “He Don’t Burn for Me.”


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The Delines are: Tucker Jackson on pedal steel, Cory Gray on keys and trumpet, Freddy Trujillo on bass, Sean Oldham on drums, Willy Vlautin on guitar, and Amy Boone on vocals.


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