Portland band Summer Cannibals announced their arrival in 2013 in the form of their debut album No Makeup. With more than a nod to NW bands The Thermals and Sleater-Kinney, Summer Cannibals pumped out 2-minute songs with fuzzed-out guitars, frontwoman Jessica Boudreaux’s vocals delivered with a wink and snarl, and lyrics that get to the point. (On “Something New,” Boudreaux sings “I’ve been looking for something new, to keep my hands busy while I get over you.”) Buzz from their live shows helped them collect a spot on the 2014 Willamette Week Best New Band poll.


We recorded this Stagepass concert January 23rd at Mississippi Studios, with the band’s core duo Jessica Boudreaux and Marc Swart and new members Jenny Logan and Devon Shirley. The set featured songs from their second release Show Us Your Mind, which is out March 3rd.  They start a tour in March, with a show at Bunk Bar March 5th before heading south through California, to Austin for SXSW, and a loop back via Denver, Billings and Missoula. The trip ends back in Portland at the Star Theater March 31st.

Stagepass Credits:

  • Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Editors: Nate Sjol and Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Audio Mixes: Steven Kray with Bill Ward
  • Lighting: Matt Rosvold
  • Stage Design: Hannah Andrews
  • Cameras: Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Ben Trimbo, Hannah Andrews and Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Executive Producer: David Christensen