Edna Vazquez has a remarkable story. Sent to live with relatives in Oregon as a teen, she found herself going to high school in Hillsboro, learning to use her huge talents as a singer, and making her way as a woman in the male world of mariachi. In addition to singing mariachi, Vazquez performs as a solo artist, with a quintet, and rock band No Passengers, whose bilingual songs, tight undercurrents of funk and blues, and Vazquez' passionate voice combine to make this Stagepass performance powerful. On stage, Vazquez has a clear message to get across: to let go of what oppresses you and free yourself. She tells more of her story in this piece.


No Passengers is Edna Vazquez, Edgar Baltazar, Jorge Rodriguez, and Eddie Esparza. The band released their debut album in late 2013, but was on hiatus for most of 2014, making this Stagepass concert a reunion. Vazquez is playing the She Shreds magazine release show March 7th at S1 performance space.


  • Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Editor: Jarratt Taylor
  • Cameras: Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Ben Trimbo, Hannah Andrews
  • Audio Recording and Mixes: Steven Kray with Bill Ward
  • Lighting: Matthew Rosvold
  • Production Design: Hannah Andrews
  • Executive Producer: David Christensen