Deep Sea Diver headlined our final Stagepass concert, and premiered an impressive set of new songs from their upcoming album. In this video see the full performances of “See These Eyes” and “Notice Me.” Frontwoman Jessica Dobson trades guitar patterns with drummer (and husband) Peter Mansen. Bassist Garrett Gue plays an agile and funky solo in the first song in the video, and Elliot Jackson adds new synth textures to the band’s sound.


Deep Sea Diver released their debut record, History Speaks, in 2012. With its impressive range of styles -- from piano-forward ballads to electrifying guitar and a song ("You Go Running") with a nod to West African highlife -- the album established the group as one of the most interesting new bands in the Northwest. Dobson then took a year away to tour with The Shins as a guitarist. That experience, she says, has made her better at leading a band. As for the new record, Dobson says its lyrics are more about her relationship with Mansen, compared to the first record's more outward-looking and at times, darker vision. The new record is expected out this summer.

This is our final video from this season of Stagepass concerts. Thanks to the bands, and thanks to all of our crew!


  • Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Edited by Matthew Thomas Ross and Jarratt Taylor
  • Audio: Steven Kray and Graham Nystrom
  • Lighting: Matthew Rosvold
  • Production Design: Hannah Andrews
  • Cameras: Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Harrisen Howes, Hannah Andrews and Matthew Thomas Ross
  • Executive Producer: David Christensen