Portland band Fruition’s new album is Labor of Love, and that title perfectly fits the group’s easy-going sound. The band began with three friends busking together, and has established a large and committed audience in Portland around its rootsy, eclectic shows and open engagement with fans. The new record also shows the group’s comfort with a range of styles from blues-inspired electric guitar solos to reggae beats and soaring folk ballads, all serving to underscore lyrics about wistful desires to settle down with loved ones, and gentle philosophizing about purpose in life. Fruition is Kellen Asebroek, Jay Anderson, Mimi Naja, Tyler Thompson, and Jeff Leonard. You can catch their interview with opbmusic’s Jerad Walker along with downloadable mp3s in the player below. Watch video of their performance above.


Fruition recently played two packed shows at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland to celebrate the new release. They're currently on a national tour, which will bring them back to Oregon for the Northwest String Summit July 14th.


  • Audio recording: Zack Carver-Gustin, with assistance from Hakeem Hashash
  • Audio mixes: Tyler Thompson
  • Editor: Jarratt Taylor
  • Interview: Jerad Walker
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