As their name suggests, Seattle electro pop outfit Beat Connection’s sound is a stew of numerous rhythmic influences. While their latest single, “So Good” (watch the music video if you miss summer), may be peppered with dashes of pop and dance music, the quartet told opbmusic host Mason Rippey that they draw just as much inspiration from less obvious sources like Calypso, hiphop, jazz, funk, and even Matchbox 20. Well, that’s actually a shared hatred of Matchbox 20. All of these disparate sounds are tied together by the soulful voice of the band’s lead singer Tom Eddy, creating music that’s infectious, familiar, and downright fun.



  • Audio mixes and recording: Steven Kray with Randy Layton and William Ward
  • Cameras: Sam Smith, Andrew Barrick
  • Video editing: Jarratt Taylor
  • Interview: Mason Rippey
  • Executive Producer: David Christensen