Margo Price

Margo Price

Bobbi Rich

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we showcase new music just added to the opbmusic broadcast. This week, we highlight a funky collaboration, some outlaw country, and a Caribbean hip-hop trio.


Vulfpeck - "3 on E feat Antwaun Stanley"

Michigan collective Vulfpeck and guest vocalist Antwaun Stanley have teamed up to create a funky gem in"3 on E."

Driven by the thumping groove of bassist Joe Dart, the music and lyrics are uncomplicated yet utterly infectious. Ultimately Stanley's high pitch vocal delivery wraps all these elements into one finished package.

The video for this song is another clever entry in the new social distancing style employed by many musicians during the pandemic. Here, they employ a split-screen approach to show the musicians jamming in the studio with Stanley singing along in an open-air environment. And although they're displayed in separate locations, the song gives them an undeniable sense of connectivity.

Margo Price - "Twinkle Twinkle"

On "Twinkle Twinkle," Margo Price's outlaw country sound is shepherded by producer Sturgill Simpson. There's a snarling attitude in the track, cultivated by fuzzy guitars and Price's aggressive vocal approach.

The song tells of the dangerous allure of stardom, with Price telling listeners about the harsh reality of life on the road. And although the song is specifically about the music industry, it delivers a universal warning of the dangers of pursuing unrealistic dreams sold to us through the television, social media, and our phones.

Taste of Pluto - "Scorpio's Letter"

With roots on Barbados and the Nature Isle of Dominica, the Caribbean hip-hop trio of Navy, Marwin and Tyler make up the eclectic sounds of Taste of Pluto. "Scorpio's Letter," the third single from their much-anticipated debut album, delivers a sonic fusion of laid back hip-hop beats and sultry vocals.

The video for this song is a true ode to their Caribbean homeland with its vivid use of the colors red, green and yellow along with frequent nods to Bob Marley, including lead singer Navy wearing large Dominican style earrings with “One Love” prominently displayed.