opbmusic DJs play a mix of new and northwest music 24/7 on a variety of digital and broadcast platforms:

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With an HD Radio-capable receiver in your car or home, you can receive multiple audio channels on 91.5 in Portland. Tune to 91.5-1 for OPB’s news and information service, and 91.5-2 for opbmusic’s 24/7 mix.

Hear opbmusic broadcast overnight (midnight-6 a.m.) across the Willamette Valley on Salem station KMUZ, at 100.7 and 88.5 FM.

If you receive OPB TV with an antenna, you can listen to OPB’s audio channels (OPB’s news and information service, opbmusic, and KMHD) by selecting the “secondary audio program” function (SAP) on your remote control.