Miss Grit - “Impostor”


Miss Grit is the promising solo project of Brooklyn-based songwriter Margaret Sohn. On this title song from her self-produced second EP, the Korean-American musician dives deep into her ongoing battles with insecurity, fitting in and accepting the attention she’s garnered from her music. Armed with a fuzzy guitar riff and raw lyrics Sohn fearlessly transforms her pain into a relatable anthem for every person who’s felt the isolation from scrutiny and the sting of alienation. “‘Impostor’ is the shredder I put all the nagging voices in my head through,” Sohn said in a statement.

Arlo Parks — “Hope”

The young British singer recently dropped her much anticipated debut album “Collapsed in Sunbeams” which features the stirring new single “Hope.” Backed by a subtle rhythmic groove, Parks’ beautiful vocals deliver a simple message of support with sincerity that digs right into the soul. Parks has long been a crusader for the lonely and depressed as an ambassador for the suicide prevention charity Calm, so it’s no surprise she has been able to reach such emotional depths with this track. “The song surrounds isolation, being present in your pain and knowing that you’re not the only one on the planet feeling low,” Parks explained in a statement.

Dylan Cartlidge — “Molasses (Walk the Walk)

A groovy glitter bomb of fun with a hip hop sensibility, “Molasses (Walk the Walk)” comes from Dyland Cartlidge’s new mixtape. “I think that as a lot of people will be hearing the releases for the first time, my hope is that they hear it and feel something positive,” said Cartlidge about the track’s joyous and infectiously feel. Cartlidge’s personal life mantra is “Hope Over Adversity” and he’s repeatedly stated that his musical goal is to just make people groove. Mission accomplished.