Samm Henshaw - “All Good”


Samm Henshaw is a south London musician of Nigerian descent. The singer came out of a fight from contracting COVID-19 last year with a new positive perspective which he exudes in his new track “All Good”. “The song really was to make me or anyone to look at the situation and their circumstance this year, be able to try to look at the positive side of things,” said Henshaw in a recent interview. The bouncy rhythm and Henshaw’s grimy flow meld flawlessly to achieve that goal.

Vagabon feat. Courtney Barnett - “Reason to Believe”

Lætitia Tamko, known by her stage name Vagabon, has taken on this fresh cover of “Reason to Believe” along with singer and guitarist Courtney Barnett. The song was originally written by Tim Hardin in 1965 and first recorded by Karen Dalton. Collaborating with Barnett proved to have been an inspired choice as their vocal synergy perfectly complements the tranquil sounds of the song’s slide guitar arrangement and folky rhythm. “I’m a huge fan of Vagabon and Karen Dalton so this was a dream. They both have a voice that absolutely knocks the wind out of me,” said Barnett.

Molly Burch feat. Wild Nothing - “Emotion”

Austin, Texas singer Molly Burch has teamed up with Wild Nothing, the Jack Tatum dream pop project, for this new single. Wild Nothing tackles a 70′s inspired lo-fi sound to recreate the energetic feel of the discotheques, night clubs and roller rinks of that time. But it’s Burch’s sultry delivery that truly honors the iconic disco queens who popularized the sound. Burch says “for me, the theme of the song is about feeling a spectrum of emotions, embracing that sensitivity, and using it as fuel to create something positive. “Emotion” is a celebration of being alive.”