“Lifetime of Comedy” is the latest album from Portland band The Parson Red Heads, and inhabits the group’s warm career terrain of easy-going 70s rock songs and weary but hopeful lyrics that often touch on themes of transcendence and faith, saying no matter the times we’re in, there is something better ahead. That’s a message that may resonate with a lot of people in 2020. The Parsons’ frontman and songwriter Evan Way describes the song “Fall and Be Found” as an anthem. “More so now than ever, life often seems to be full of chaos, pain, heartache, confusion — not always, but often. And when we’re in the midst of those seasons, it often seems impossible to realize that despite that, there is beauty, there is an unexplainable magic in life and existence. This song is an attempt to communicate that, and an anthem proclaiming a belief that one day in the future, I believe we will see that reality and know it in a more full and true way.”


The video is done by an old friend of Way’s — L.A. artist Tempe Hale — whose work matches the music’s Kodachrome palette with vintage photographs and unexpected animation. Way says, “Her style is so unique, and seems to fit so well not only with the feel of the music on this record but also with the look of the album’s artwork and the style of the archival footage-based lyric videos we’d been making in the meantime. It just all seemed to sit together perfectly!”

The Parson Red Heads’ album “Lifetime of Comedy” is out now on Fluff and Gravy Records and via Bandcamp.