Marika Hackman — “Between the Bars”


English singer/songwriter Marika Hackman is releasing an album of covers this November which includes her immaculate version of the late Elliot Smith classic “Between the Bars.” No stranger to melancholy lyrics herself, Hackman has made this introspective song her own but doesn’t stray far from Smith’s original tone. “When it comes to covers, I like to pick songs which I have been listening to obsessively for a while,” Hackman says. “It gives me a natural understanding of the music, and lets me be more innovative with how I transform it.”

Sa Roc — “Hand of God”

Washington, D.C., native and Atlanta resident Sa Roc is an artist made for this time in history. Her autobiographical track, “Hand of God,” brilliantly incorporates a message of self-worth and cultural identity with a fierce confidence that demands respect. “The premise of the song is based on this idea of having to prove authenticity to a world where artifice is so prevalent, while simultaneously proving to yourself that your integrity will remain intact, and you’ll stay truest to yourself,” she says.

Julien Baker — “Faith Healer”

Julien Baker has released “Faith Healer” as the first single from her upcoming 2021 album “Little Oblivions.” Baker confesses the song was written as an examination of addiction. “Put most simply, I think that ‘Faith Healer’ is a song about vices, both the obvious and the more insidious ways that they show up in the human experience,” Baker says. The lush instrumentals and emotional weight of her voice fuse to create this beautiful ballad.