Nana Adjoa released "Big Dreaming Ants" in September 2020

Nana Adjoa released "Big Dreaming Ants" in September 2020

Latoya van der Meeren / Latoya van der Meeren

Nana Adjoa - “No Room”


“No Room” appears on Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa’s new album, “Big Dreaming Ants.” Adjoa says she wrote this song “about the feeling of having a conversation with someone which gets stuck in habitual small talk. Trying to control the moment, but leaving no room to discover the moment, each other or something new and unexpected.” Adjoa lets the melody take a moment to unfold with a delicate touch and rhythmic pulse that feels like a beating heart.

Gorillaz featuring Beck - “The Valley of the Pagans”

Gorillaz' newest project, “Song Machine: Season One — Strange Timez” is packed full of all-star collaborations (Sir Elton John, Robert Smith and St. Vincent among them), and collects songs from the “Song Machine” web series spanning 2020. “The Valley of the Pagans,” featuring Beck, really highlights the magic that can occur when putting the right artists together. This song pairs the laid back swagger of Beck’s vocal delivery with the infectious production of the Gorillaz, creating an uplifting space funk jam.

Sjowgren - “I Don’t Know”

Sjowgren is the brainchild of three Bay-Area artists whose catchy indie-pop fuzz is great at incorporating musical influences from the past to create their sound. The guitar riff is the energy driving the song, a steady handclap keeps the tempo infused with a level of joy, and the dreamy vocals soar. This song will stay with you long after you hear it.