Slow Pulp - “Montana”


The Chicago band Slow Pulp is releasing its debut album “Moveys” this week, and it includes this standout single “Montana.” Singer/guitarist Emily Massey writes that the "early demo was kind of heavy and distorted, and when we went to play it together for the first time, it came out a lot slower and cleaner.” Massey is an example of resiliency, having been diagnosed with Lyme disease and chronic mono last year, then facing a family tragedy and the start of the pandemic, before recording this album. “Montana” truly embodies the spirt of slowing down and breathing in every moment despite the cruel reality life presents.

Kurt Vile featuring John Pine - “How Lucky”

In light of all we’ve endured from this pandemic, it’s the ones we’ve lost that put everything in perspective. We honor the life and remember the passing of John Prine as we highlight his collaboration with Kurt Vile on Prine’s song “How Lucky.” “The truth is John was my hero for a long time when he came into The Butcher Shoppe (a Nashville recording studio) to recut one of his deepest classics with me,” Vile said in a press statement. This single provides the gift of allowing the listener to feel every chord and strum of the guitar, while the vocal talents of these two artists penetrate you like little else can. As the experience of listening to the song ends, it’ll be you who feels like the lucky one.

Jordana - “Divine”

The young Kansas indie-pop artist Jordana Nye, who goes by Jordana, takes on the theme of mental health with maturity beyond her 19 years. “Divine is a song I wrote that speaks on the exhausting cycle of emotional battles and mental recovery that I’ve endured from past relationships,” Nye wrote. Jordana has taken her sound to another level with the assistance of EDM producer/DJ Jeffrey Melvin, who is the artist behind MELVV. His impact is most felt in the chorus, which takes this delicately quiet song and fills every available remaining space with a vibrating tone that enhances every element of an already gorgeous work.